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A Guide to Zoning Your Home to Improve Temperature Control

A typical home has multiple members having different temperature preferences and levels of comfort. One member of the family may prefer the room to be warmer or cooler while others do not. Just as the lights throughout your home have individual switches, having a separate thermostat for each room can give you and your family more comfort when it comes to controlling your home’s temperature and help you save on energy bills, too.

How Zoning Works

Zoning is a system that uses different thermostats located in each of the rooms of your house. These thermostats regulate specific areas giving you customised temperature zones throughout the home.

Zoning eliminates hot or cold spots in your home and is great for heating individual rooms depending on the occupants’ desired temperatures.

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When to Consider Zoning

Zoning systems are mostly installed in larger homes with rooms or areas that have different comfort needs.


Homes with Multiple Levels

These types of homes would most likely benefit from zoning since temperatures usually change significantly from the first level to the second level. As heat rises, the upper rooms will be considerably warmer than the lower rooms. Zoning allows you to control the temperature on both levels, giving you more comfort regardless if you are downstairs or upstairs.

Occasionally-used Rooms

There are certain areas in the home that you do not usually occupy such as the guest room, basement, garage or study. Traditional central heating will heat these areas even when you do not use them. With a zoned system, you no longer need to spend money on heating these areas. You would only need to use energy to heat the ones you always occupy, such as your living room, kitchen and bedrooms, etc.



Benefits of Zoning


Lower Utility Bills

Zoning provides decentralised control and allows a thermostat in each room to set the heating demands for the zoned area. A properly installed zoning system lowers your utility bills because you are not wasting heat on unoccupied rooms.

Greater Comfort

There are several factors that affect your home’s indoor temperature such as high ceilings, shading, and appliances used. Zoning solves these issues by allowing the individual thermostats to react to the temperature requirements of each zone.

Zoning gives you a personalised temperature setting for each zoned area, allowing every family member to sleep better and enjoy improved comfort throughout the day.

Control Remotely

There are zoning systems that utilise programmable thermostats and smartphone apps that allow you to have complete control of your home without the need to physically be near the unit in order to make adjustments.

Ask the Zoning Pros

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